A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti

"quantomais" Installation
Expo Gate

Milan, Expo Gate - 2014

Conception and realization of a project that experiments the ability to modify the urban scene. An unexpected installation designs a new urban geometry in a place that is defined and rooted in the collective imagination. The corn field that suddenly appeared in the heart of Milan is an unusual agricultural passage that changes places and habits. Created as an urban installation, quantomais gradually becomes a collective multi-disciplinary work, a hub of socialization and culture.

Meetings, readings, artistic moments, appointments and minor rituals accompany the public for a whole month with a programme of over 60 events coordinated by the firm of architects. After dismantling, the corn field continues to live in green areas in different parts of the city, schools and public spaces through a call for adoption of its 231 component beds.
In coproduction with Expo Gate.

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