A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti

"La Cantina" Winery
Iper, La grande i

Varese hypermarket, 2015

Development of a new concept for the area for tastings/purchase of wine and selected products. The project defines the space, ensures smooth customer flow and creates a protected section, lying outside the passage of trolleys.
The image of the new area, as an extension of the values of the brand and the product, is conveyed by the choice of unsophisticated natural materials (wood, terracotta and iron), the refined colour palette and the custom-designed lighting together with the furnishings.

The false ceiling plays an important role, giving the area a more intimate dimension; the chandelier made from bottles hanging over the central counter is spectacular.
The lightbox creates the right effect for the Grandi Vigne project with the display of DOC wines. The concept is to be extended to other points of sale.

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photos Martino Lunghi