A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti

Showroom, Altea

Milan, January 2017

The set-up of the Milanese showroom of 900 sq. m. uses natural materials – recycled cardboard, wood, brass – both for walls and platforms, and for display supports and accessories (lamps).

The corrugated cardboard partition defines the various areas of the showroom as well as delimiting the window, and is placed in front of the wall of the showroom decorated with “Chess” motifs, reflecting the theme of the collection on display.

A distinctive element of the design is the sequence of platforms in black honeycomb cardboard, used to support the new collections.

The showroom is dominated internally by an installation made up of large “origami” columns of recycled cardboard, in part suspended and in part resting on the floor. The pieces of the collection are displayed in cages of natural wood with copper-plated brass elements.