A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti

S/S 2020 Collection, Altea

Pitti Immagine Uomo - Florence
Showroom - Milan
June 2019

The mood of the collection speaks of nuances, evanescence and lightness. Everything seems to fluctuate in the display where the yellow of the surfaces disappears into white, the colour of the summer. The walls become a curtain with an undulating and regular geometry thanks to sheets of painted fibreglass with an opaque finish. Degradé yellow accompanies the white of the floor and the structure holding the hanging area at the centre of the stand. The whole is anchored by large cacti which filter the view and create a wall, a threshold to be crossed.

Not everything, however, speaks this calm language and, while the white linen and pastel-coloured cotton pieces dominate the space, a spaceship has landed in the centre of the stand where everything is a mirror and everything is reflected. This is the area dedicated to the new streetwear capsule, reached through a curtain of strips of transparent coloured PVC. Neon-coloured sweatshirts are suspended here while in the showroom they are displayed against wallpaper reproducing various styles of murals.

Materials used: PVC with a mat-like texture for the floor of the stand, mirrored Plexiglas for the back wall and ceiling, painted iron for the hanging area-structure, neon signs.