A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti

S/S 2018 Collection, Altea

Pitti Immagine Uomo – Florence
Showroom – Milan
June 2017

The mood of inspiration is a home overlooking the sea with influences from the Scandinavian world. The project aims at visual permeability, brightness and transparency. Natural materials such as untreated wood and woven straw have been used and, to characterize the stand, vintage furniture, printed paper fabric rugs, cottons with Nordic floral patterns and large exotic plants.

The façade of the stand is made up of panels of natural wood with oblique slats that filter the light

like shutters and allow glimpses into the interior with areas defined by fluid spatiality. Light walls with slender yellow iron uprights and panels of woven straw act as backdrops to the various outfits. The paper rugs overlay geometric patterns in warm hues.

The showroom repeats various elements from the stand, adapting them to a larger space.
The daylight houses an installation where a corrugated cardboard wall winds through a forest

of iron uprights. The wall also defines the space of the windows dressed with cacti and fabrics from the historical archive of the brand. The panels act as backdrops to the outfits. Each area is defined by compositions of paper rugs, while to create a strong centrality in the largest area, there is a 3 m. diameter circular table made to design with a large kentia palm at its centre.
Couches with colourful Scandinavian floral fabrics and the vintage furniture create cosy and inviting corners.