A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti

F/W 20 -21 Collection, Altea

Pitti Immagine Uomo - Florence
Showroom - Milan
January 2020

The main view of the stand is open and given rhythm by a sequence of luminous totems.
These are standard lamps, made up of cylinders with different diameters and combined in various ways, which design the threshold of the exhibition space through surfaces of coloured paper, ribbed or translucent, which filter the light.

The space expands and runs along the undulating and degradé walls in a palette of neutral and warm colours with orange accents in a balanced distribution. There is natural matting on the floor and felt inserts on the large surfaces of the central hanging area.

The pieces on display underscore the fluid trend of the space, entering like an uninterrupted coloured wave along the side walls, while individual chromatic stories form the central hanging area. The wave-like option is also reflected in the lights and shadows cast on the mottled surfaces of the walls with an effect of soft overlapping.