A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti

A/W 18-19 Collection, Altea

Pitti Immagine Uomo Florence
Showroom Milan
January 2018

Curved and suspended walls host the new collection.

The space is defined by the regular succession of the bands of felt which create concave and convex surfaces. The curve - which in the stand at Pitti Uomo introduces a dynamic dimension - is closed in the Milan showroom in a circular shape to give a strong centrality to the main area. This centrality is confirmed by the large neon and mirrored Plexiglas lamp.

The wool felt appear in the bands on the display surfaces and in the rust and violet rugs, which contrast with the black and white houndstooth and striped inserts in the carpet, the round rugs and on some walls.

The backdrop of knitwear becomes iconic, organized in a serial fashion and proposing the piece in the colour variants available.